HCCNA Temple Etiquette

A few rules of temple etiquette should be followed as you enter the main worship area (Sanctum). Devotees are expected to remove their footwear before entering the temple premises. This is not just a sign of respect, but also for cleanliness and humility. There are racks available to keep the footwear safe outside. It is advisable to wear conservative clothes while visiting the temple. According to Hindu belief, it is necessary to have a bath before going to the temple. We humbly request that you observe/maintain quietness inside the Sanctum. Devotees should avoid pointing their feet toward any of the deities while sitting. Eating or drinking inside the temple should be avoided, except prasad.
Though optional, devotees carry fruits, coconut and flowers as an offering to the temple deity. The temple has two "praharam" (encircling corridors) and the devotees circumambulate (Pradakshina) the sanctum sanctorum or the temple in a clockwise fashion. Lastly after praying to all the gods, men perform the ashtanga namaskar (prostrate) while women perform the panchanga namaskar in front of Moolasthanam. Also it is suggested that devotees sit for some time in the temple and leave.

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